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Whether you have a "green" horse that you want to get started, a western ridden horse that you want to show in Dressage, Jumping, Three-Day-Eventing or help your horse to go to higher levels you will find the right partner at Smiling Horse Stables.

We offer monthly training/boarding packages or individual hourly training lessons.

We can also come to your barn and work with your horse at your facility.

A way of training that I am specialized in that is very popular among my students is to train the horse and rider at the same time. I can look back on several, now very successful riders/horses, that have been trained this way.

It works like this : I work with your horse for a part of the lesson and after successful compensating the new exercise, you get in the saddle and repeat the same exercise under my instructions.

If you should have a horse that has bad habits that you want to get corrected, whether it is bucking in a Dressage ring or refusing jumps we are well experienced in correcting horses.

As you can see all needs are covered regarding equestrian training and if there should be anything you have on your mind please  "Contact Us"  with your needs and we talk about how we can satisfy your equestrian demands.


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Updated: 05/22/11